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Drawing raw sketches of animals on caves is believed one key step in human civilization thousand years back. Since then, art and craft has evolved enormously and now it has reached an era which is enabled by latest technologies. Once, mainly considered as a soft skill of inspired individuals has now become a huge industry that includes fashion, interior, town planning, graphics, cinema and even game development. 

Advanced Certificate in Design Technology would spark the fire of new generations towards a technology enabled designing and creativity. That would lead Sri Lankan students opens up for a huge industry and succeed in it.

This programme provides key concepts of design technology such as materials, model making, processes, prototype developments and evaluation. Also, it provides a solid foundation in design theories and practices to develop an own product at the end of the programme.   

Program Highlights

  • A peculiar program that covers overall knowledge in various domains in Design Technology
  • Preparing students to think, model, prototype design, develop and test the model. 
  • Give students to have hands-on experience and the theoretical knowledge in the domain of Design Technology and preparing them to select their own path.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the knowledge and the skills in the field of Design Technology
  • Recognized and apply new approach to relevant designs
  • Express the ideas in a creative manner
  • Solve real world problems by using digital design media

Program Structure

Advanced Certificate in Design Technology comprises of eight (8) modules and a final project (individual/ group). This program runs in full time, weekday and will be completed in about eight (8) months. 

Entry Requirements

  • Passed/ Sat GCE Advanced Level (Local Syllabus) in any Stream (Technology stream or Mathematics Stream are most preferred)
  • 6 passes in the GCE Ordinary Level (Local Syllabus) with Credit passes in Mathematics and English
  • Cambridge or Edexcel 5 Passes including Mathematics and English
9 months
Lectures + Practicals
Weekday, full time
Class Schedule
8.30 am 5.30 pm
Assignments : 40%
Final Exam : 60%

Modules in this Program

Advanced Certificate in Design Technology