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Its all about Digital. Modern society seems not able to discuss any topic without digital. But, are we really equipped in digital technologies? There are still enough and more systems that runs manually. Therefore, moving towards a digital world, a smooth transformation process is a must.

In order to empower the young generations to win over challenges in digital transformation, it is essential to allow them to explore the width and breath of digital technologies. Advanced Certificate in Digital Transformation would provide the necessary guidance and skills for students to properly identify new trends in digital technologies and to bring suitable solutions.

This programme provides key concepts of systems and applications, application development, system infrastructure, digital businesses and related tools.

Program Highlights

  • A unique program that covers overall domains in Digital Transformation and modern IT
  • Preparing students to obtain new technologies, techniques and knowledge in digital transformation

Learning Outcomes

  • Exploiting opportunities created by technology innovations
  • Identifying and evaluating solution and sourcing alternatives
  • Securing data and infrastructure
  • Assess and apply IT to solve common problem

Program Structure

Advanced Certificate in Digital Transformation comprises of eight (8) modules and a final project (individual/ group). This program runs in full time, weekday and will be completed in about eight (8) months. 

Entry Requirements

  • Passed/ Sat GCE Advanced Level (Local Syllabus) in any Stream (Technology stream or Mathematics Stream are most preferred)
  • 6 passes in the GCE Ordinary Level (Local Syllabus) with Credit passes in Mathematics and English
  • Cambridge or Edexcel 5 Passes including Mathematics and English
9 months
Lectures + Practicals
Weekday, full time
Class Schedule
8.30 am 5.30 pm
Assignments : 40%
Final Exam : 60%

Modules in this Program

Advanced Certificate in Digital Transformation