The entire world is moving fast. Moving towards a high-tech society. Moving beyond the 4th industrial revolution. Smart Devices, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality are the buzz words.

Is the society ready to face this challenge? Are we making our future generations ready for this challenge?

Every year in Sri Lanka, about 300,000 students flux into the mass society with the desire for success. However, limited opportunities for growth hinder the success of individuals and also the whole society. This is visible through the limited capacity of public education, authenticity issues of private education and also the lack of confidence in vocational training. Finally, the quality of education against true demand is questioned at every level.

Regal Campus emerges purely to perceive an alternative for this ever-challenging context. Regal Campus believes in inspiring youth to explore their own self and discover their skills to achieve high. And we believe it would be the best possible pathway to prosper the world to the next level.

In order to achieve this, Regal will create a space where students provided with guidance and freedom to drive themselves. This would be achieved by offering an affordable, adaptable, and easily accessible educational opportunities. One key aspect of the whole approach will be the promotion of innovation, research, and knowledge sharing throughout the teaching and learning cycle.

In addition to Regal students, those who are willing to take part in this innovative journey will be given an engaging space for interaction at Regal.